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Silicon Beach Miami

Welcome to the NEW Silicon Beach Miami Florida

Silicon Beach Miami Florida is a team of dedicated inventors, web designers, developers, IT professionals and investors focused on growing the technology industry in the greater Miami-Dade area.

Miami silicon beach

Miami silicon beach

We will be adding information about tech companies in Miami, Florida, Miami startups, startups in Miami, tech startups in Miami and more about the upcoming development of new South Florida based tech companies.

We will publish information about successful companies as well as upcoming projects. The website will be a tool for young entrepreneurs to pitch the ideas, look for work and connect with industry professionals they need to turn our beautiful city into the the technology hub of the future.

Everyone already knows Miami is on the greatest cities on the planet for vacations, so why not live and run a business here? In the past, we have lost many of our greatest minds to out of state companies because lack of opportunity to thrive in our local tech economy. We say, “Let the past stay in the past”. We have the resources, the man power, the will and most importantly, the creativity to rival any tech center in the world. Now we just have to turn that dream into a reality. With your help and cooperation, nobody will be able to deny that Miami is not only the best place for beaches and relaxing, but also among the finest cities to reside and work in.

Miami is long known to have been the gateway to the Caribbean and a crucial point to connect Latin America, the United States and Europe.

Our site is currently under construction, but if you would like to submit an idea, business plan, join the team or just network with like minded techies, please email us at: info {at} siliconbeachmiamifl {.} [com]

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Silicon Beach Miami Staff